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Andrews Ohene Darteh


Andrews Ohene Darteh is a dynamic professional committed to enriching lives and bridging cultures through diverse endeavors. With a solid foundation in mathematics and business education, he adeptly navigates his roles as a partnership coordinator and administrator, fostering fruitful collaborations and optimizing operational efficiency. An ardent champion of youth empowerment, Andrews serves as a coach, counselor, and mentor, guiding young minds towards realizing their innate talents and aspirations. His dedication to environmental sustainability is evident through his activism and eco-conscious tour coordination efforts. A prolific writer, Andrews shares invaluable insights on personal growth and community cohesion.

As the visionary founder and director of FamilyLine, Andrews is deeply invested in nurturing talent and fostering intercultural exchanges. Under his leadership as the executive president, the organization thrives in its mission to develop individuals and strengthen families. With a keen focus on strategic initiatives, Andrews ensures that FamilyLine remains at the forefront of empowering communities and realizing its vision of a world where every person's potential is realized and celebrated.

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