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FamilyLine Incorporated LBG acquired land for development of a Multipurpose Event Centre - donate to support


The purpose of the land is to build a facility in Ghana which would serve as a hub for educational, cultural, and recreational activities, providing a conducive environment for young people to learn, create, and engage in sports. Something which does not exist in the Ghanaian community. The components of the facility are as follows:
Conference Hall: A versatile space for educational seminars, workshops, and community events.
Library: Equipped with a diverse collection of books, reference materials, and modern technology to promote literacy and self-directed learning.
Art Studio: A creative space for young artists to explore and express their talents through various forms of art.
ICT Center: Equipped with computers and internet access to enhance digital literacy skills among young people.
Play Field: An outdoor space for sports and recreational activities, promoting physical fitness and teamwork.
Changing Rooms: Facilities to accommodate participants engaged in sports and outdoor activities.
Restrooms: Adequate restroom facilities for the convenience of users.

Donors are invited to support this important initiative.

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